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A Simple Plea

I’m getting to the writing a little late tonight, so it’s going to be a very short post. Yes, I’m afraid it’s another one of those reflection posts, wherein I mull over some aspect of life and bore the hell out of the back row of my virtual audience. If someone sees them nodding off, please just let them sleep. They’ve been such troopers for the past 20 days, and I think they deserve a few winks. However, if they’re still playing possum tomorrow night, could someone please give them a gentle nudge so they don’t miss anything that might be of interest? Thank you.

All I want to say, is never give up. No matter how bad your life is, no matter how far down that rabbit hole you think you’ve gone, always remember that what you’re feeling is just that one moment; it’s temporary. Wherever you are, you’re only there for an instant. It will all change, and most likely for the better.

Nothing is so permanent as change. If you can accept that, you’ll do okay.

That’s not to say that things don’t get worse. Sometimes they do. Sometimes they get so bad that you find yourself sitting in your car, on the side of the road, with tears running down your cheeks as you ponder how quickly you can stop the pain. Sometimes you find yourself drinking so much you begin to hope you won’t wake up the next morning.

That’s when you have to remember, you are not your emotions. They’re just chemicals run amok in that squishy brain of yours. You’ll need to remember that you have far more control than you realize, that once you take responsibility for those emotions you’ll find life isn’t nearly so destructive as you thought it was. You’ll begin to find a strength you didn’t realize you had.

But, you also need to remember how unique you are and how much your own value reflects in the world around you. You’ll need to realize that there may be a time in the future, when you’ll find yourself surrounded by dozens of new friends who see something in you that you never knew yourself; when you’ll find you’ve somehow touched their lives with something you did; that somewhere deep inside of you is a light that can do far more good than bad.

And that’s when you’ll begin to smile.

Because you’ll realize that fleeting instant of time so many years ago, when the world seemed to stop spinning and you were convinced of an impending implosion, has vaporized into nothingness. You’ll realize that the pain wasn’t you, it was just a reflection of a moment long since forgotten.

That’s when you’ll begin to understand how beautiful the adventure can be. You’ll begin to respect the painful times, but not dwell on them; you’ll learn from them and move on to more fulfilling times.

That’s when you’ll begin to enjoy the journey and realize that giving up is no longer an option.