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Fizzle Fizzle

I don’t have much time tonight. The reasons are immaterial, but it does pain me to have to fizzle out here on the 29th post. I’ll make it up to you with more stories in the future. I think it’s fairly obvious that I’ve enjoyed myself over the past month. Tomorrow, on the 30th post, I’ll do an evaluation of what I’ve learned throughout this project.

Update — Staying Prepared

Ok, so last night I really fizzled out here on the old blog, and it taught me a valuable lesson: If you’re going to be sticking to a scheduled activity, especially one in which other people expect you to keep, then you had better be prepared with some emergency material to work with.

Between the time constraints last night and my addled brain I missed out on providing something useful on the 29th post. That hurt, which is probably why I’m writing a quick update this morning. I couldn’t just leave the 29th post a mess like it was.

There may come a day in the future when I’ll have so many ideas and partial stories started that I won’t have to worry about running out of article material. However, in the beginning like this, it’s been somewhat difficult to keep up. I took the hard route and tried to come up with something fresh every night after work. That wasn’t easy, and as fulfilling as it was to meet that challenge each time, it would have been easier if I’d had a few articles to draw on in reserve. If you’re going to try this kind of experiment, I recommend that you have a couple of articles written and put to the side for occasions such as this. You don’t need many, just a few that will help you on those few nights that just aren’t working for you.