Patrick Ward words, code, and music

Stijl Take Two - A Game of Form and Color

I’ve been working on a few changes to my game Stijl that I created for the Ludum Dare #26 48-hour competition, including a better recording of my original guitar soundtrack.

I’m fairly pleased with the results. There is certainly more I could do, but I’m ready to move on and finish the other game that I’m working on.

A brief summary of the changes in the updated version of Stijl:

  • Updated and re-recorded music soundtrack
  • New sound effects
  • New levels and challenges
  • Mobile version for iOS and Android devices (visiting the game page with a mobile device will give you the option to play the mobile version)
  • A few bug fixes

The game concept and play remain the same as the original, but this is certainly a much nicer version.