Patrick Ward words, code, and music

Operation Penguinate

For my second One Game a Month entry I made a fun little 2D platformer.

The premise is simple: Aliens have invaded Antarctica and imprisoned the penguins. Your mission: defeat the aliens and free the penguins!

The game play and idea was inspired by, and in some ways is a clone of, Dominic Szablewski’s game Biolab Diaster. However, it’s different enough that I think it has its own merit. I mean, it’s got penguins, aliens, and balloons. What more can you ask for?

This game took much longer to make than the previous game and provides a lot more in the way of the basics you would expect a video game to have:

  • a simple help screen
  • level selection (it also remembers the levels you’ve completed)
  • a simple scoring system
  • limited lives
  • first aid powerups (gain more lives)
  • simple enemy AI
  • multiple enemy types

The game starts off relatively easy, but quickly becomes more difficult as you progress through the levels, culminating in a rather difficult Level 5.

As with Stijl, this one was made with HTML5 and Javascript. If there is enough interest, I may port this to some mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Win8) as I think this would make a fun little mobile game.

I had a blast making (and playing) this one. So, I hope it brings you joy as well. Thanks for checking it out.