Patrick Ward words, code, and music

Love Beyond the Living Dead

Here’s an amusing, yet gruesome, little poem for all of you zombie fans out there. It came out in free-verse this evening, but some day it may become a full fledged story.

There was a day, not long ago,
When graves became alive,
Ejecting the dead in waves of
      decaying flesh and bone;
A day, when the dead sought out the living,
Hungry for the tissue of sentient life.

And we all ran, fearing the end of days,
But determined to rage against the cursed,
Unwilling to give up the purity
      of our blessed reality;
When we fought back with anger,
Against the insanity of the unfathomable.

That was the day we gathered together
In bands of brotherly love,
Coming together to fight as one
      against the undead hordes;
The day when boundaries between us
Meant nothing, and humanity grew as one.

It was a day when we realized
the purity of each moment;
A day when all our pettifoggery
      amounted to empty syllables;
And the living dead reminded us of how
Precious our mundane lives could be.

It was the day I first beheld you,
In your yellow summer dress,
Speckled with crimson ichor
      and rotting meat;
The day I saw your silky, cinnamon hair
And azure eyes that melted my stolid heart.

It was the day I determined my destiny with you,
In arms against the Devil’s legions;
Confidantes in a war for the survival
      of the human race;
When through unspoken words we
Vowed to carry on the future of our kind.

And I remember, as we fought with spirit,
Slashing our way through rivers of blood,
When through your pleading countenance
      you stole my breath in gasps;
And I rose up with adrenaline strength
To strike down a wall of animate remains.

It was the day I saw you fall,
Surrounded by a horde of corpses;
When I rushed to aid you in your need,
      only to fail in your final moments;
The day I held you in my arms
And watched azure eyes dim to gray.

That was the day, when moments later,
You awoke a demon spawn,
And I felled you with a wooden stake
      upon your graceful temple.
It was the day I too died a little,
But tricked by fate to love beyond the dead.

~ Patrick Ward, 2010